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Seismic Adaption And Improvement Of Existing Reinforced Concrete Structures

What is this?

In the last years the use of seismic isolation in Italy has been extended not only from the public sector to the private sector, but also in the intervention of new constructions in order to improve and adapt existing buildings seismically speaking. Regarding the seismic isolation of existing buildings, its exemplary to mention the after seismic reconstruction works in the city of L’Aquila where a great number of applications have been brought to conclusion and which are currently under either realization or design process.


The use of seismic isolation as a technique of adaption or improvement allow to focus the major part of the intervention at the floor that must be isolated (foundation, underground or ground level), profoundly limiting the need of increasing the reinforcement of the superstructure. It is not rare that seismic isolating methods proves to be the only one that can achieve the security levels required by the Code Design, only possible with the complete reconstruction or demolition of damaged structures.

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