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SOMMA is now CE certified according to EN1337 and EN15129 for the design and production of bearings and anti-seismic devices.

In addition, it is ISO 9001:2015 quality certified by SGS, a third party accredited by SINCERT.

SOMMA products have received a number of certifications, including from Italian railways (RFI-ITALFERR), Algerian railways (ANESRIF), Romanian authorities (ADVIZ TECHNIC) and numerous approvals from organisations around the world.

The company concentrates primarily on research, focusing on improving the performance of existing products as well as developing new technologies and devices.

In fact, SOMMA cooperates and interacts with universities, research institutions, and scientific laboratories for the development of innovative and complex projects and products.

Finally, SOMMA holds patents, the final expression of the aforementioned research and development, for anti-seismic protection devices, structural devices and expansion joints

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