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What are?

SOMMA proposes an isolation solution for the individual shelves of the shelving industrial, insulation systems to be placed at the base of individual cabinets electrical or server benches or for entire technological environments such as data centers and Electronic / Electrical Security centers. The same insulation system can be applied to everything that is non-structural, with weights of even a few hundred kg, whose content is high value, justifies the use of anti-seismic devices for protection and safeguarding.

They are divided into:


KSJ devices can be very simple devices, to be combined with a platform in order to replace the existing structures.
The height of the same depends on the required displacement, the application
of a seismic isolation system does not alter in any way functionality e operation of the structure.


The benefits are the same as for seismic isolation at the base of a building, through seismic protection the contents of the racks themselves are protected from horizontal accelerations and prevent damage either by their own vibration or as a result of overturning or falling.

The greater the value of the content of the isolated structure, the greater the advantage in applying seismic isolation.