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Who we are

SOMMA is an Italian engineering company highly specialised in the design and production of structural restraints and load bearing devices, road and rail expansion joints and anti-seismic devices.


SOMMA takes pride in its multi-year experience regarding infrastructural matters, experience forged from its team’s technical knowledge as well as its recent expansion as a company in recent years.

SOMMA’s Brand as of today is globally recognized as a sign of quality and reliability, having contributed with its products to the completion of numerous constructions and projects all around the world.

SOMMA has taken been involved with major projects, like the “Museum Of Tomorrow” designed bt the arch star Santiago Calatrava, or the dam GIBE III in Etiopia, being the biggest one in the African continent.

Our technicians, thanks to their continuously growing experience, have successfully brought into life important projects such as “Access Bridge A Palm Jumeirah” in Dubai and the cable-stayed bridge of Santiago Calatrava in Reggio Emilia, through a know-how method.

SOMMA works all around the world through a network of technicians, with the experience and attitude needed towards problem-solving.

In fact, with a newborn, flexible and quick structure, it can satisfy every client’s technical and project needs, issuing solutions and solving problems that can come out from the ordinary life.

Known to be a leader by most companies and designers, SOMMA has set its own office in Rome and Montegrotto Terme (PD) including the facilities in Civita Castellana (VT) and Aprilia (LT). The latter houses the society’s laboratory for tests and research.

Quality and Certifications

Up until now SOMMA is certified CE according to § EN1337 and § EN15129 into the production and design of Structural Bearings and Anti-seismic Devices.

Research, focused on improving the quality of existing products as well as discovering new technoly and forging new products, is the heart of the company.

for this reason, SOMMA collaborates and communicates with Universities, research facilities, scientific laboratories to ensure the development of projects and products highly complexed but also highly innovative.

Finally, SOMMA is titled with patents, regarding matters previously said, on anti-seismic devices, structural devices and expansion joints.

The Group

SOMMA offers a "TURNKEY" solution to the final customer, completing products/solution with other two companies.

The first of these, EQUITER, designs and manufactures reinforced earth, mechanically stabilised earth and green earth, while the second one, TLS is specialises in lifting, replacing and installing bearings and expansion joints, seismic retrofits and structural reinforcements, having recognised patents SOA in OS11. 


SOMMA offers insulation solutions for the individual shelves of industrial shelving, insulation systems to be placed at the base of individual electrical cabinets or server benches or for entire technological environments such as data centers and Electronic / Electrical Security centers.