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Anti-seismic Devices

Anti-seismic Devices are devices that protect all types of structures from earthquakes.


Structural Bearings

Structural Bearings are devices that permit rotation between two structural elements and transmit the required loads in such a way as to prevent any movement (fixed bearings), or allow movement in only one direction (guided bearings), or in all directions of a plane (free bearings).


Expansion Joints

Expansion Joints are designed to ensure continuity between two structural elements and to follow their movements.



Seismic Building Retrofit

Seismic protection of building can be done on existing building or in new construction building. The seismic protection can be done by using specific antiseismic devices or dissipative devices.

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Bonus Earthquake

SOMMA proposes itself as part of a heterogeneous and complete team able to follow the customer from the beginning of the practice to the end.

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Innovation from Somma: The KSJ System



About Us

SOMMA is an Italian engineering company highly specialised in the design and production of structural restraints and load bearing devices, road and rail expansion joints and anti-seismic devices. SOMMA offers a “TURNKEY” solution to the final customer, completing products/solution with other two companies. The first of these, Equiter, designs and manufactures reinforced earth, mechanically stabilised earth and green earth, while the second one, TLS is specialises in lifting, replacing and installing bearings and expansion joints, seismic retrofits and structural reinforcements, having recognised patents SOA in OS11. 


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Quality and Certifications

SOMMA is CE certified according to § EN1337 and § EN15129 for the design and production of bearings and anti-seismic devices.
In addition, it is ISO 9001:2015 quality certified by SGS, a third party accredited by SINCERT. In our own laboratory we can perform static test on structural bearings with a carrying load up until 6000 kN and functional test on expansion joints.